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The DreamHug weighted blanket helps provide comfortable, restful nights of sleep while warding off anxiety and stress. Our brand offers the most affordable weighted blanket without sacrificing quality or the several benefits that weighted benefits can offer. If you want the best weighted blanket near you, trust DreamHug. Regardless of your bed's size, we have options for twin size, queen size and king size weighted blankets.

Relax and Calm Anxiety

Struggle with anxiety? Have problems sleeping at night? Or perhaps you're simply looking for the ultimate in evening comfort?

That's precisely what the indigo weighted blanket from DreamHug™ provides, allowing gravity to do all the work for you and helping you drift into a more restful state of mind. Even useful for those with chronic pain, anxiety, and similar conditions.

snuggable weighted blanket is an ideal solution for dealing with those cold winter nights, adding far more luxury than the typical standard sheet.

Improve Sleep Quality

There are many physical and mental benefits to weighted blankets for adults. The pressure that a weighted blanket provides can provide a calming effect, using Deep Touch Pressure Therapy.

DreamHug™ can also be utilized for individuals with sensory processing disorders and autism.

For elderly and sleep-deprived customers, weighted blanket's help aid in more profound and effective sleep — feeling well rested in the morning.

Pros of our weighted blankets

Why exactly do weighted blankets make us feel good? It might be because it feels like getting a giant hug all over. Or, there might be a more scientific explanation for the whole thing. What we know is our high-quality, comfort-first weighted blankets are exactly what you need to nap happily or sleep soundly. Our even distribution system ensures the ultimate in psychological and physical comfort. Weighted blankets are said to have a specific effect on the serotonin in your brain, providing a more comfortable rest session and improving your emotions and feelings as a whole.

DreamHug™ Queen/King Blanket for Sleep, Stress & Anxiety

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