Weighted Blankets for Adults – How they Help Us Unwind

Up until the last few years, weighted blankets were used for troubled children who had ADHD, anxiety, aspergers or autism. Scientists decided to study the effects of weighted blankets on adults, and they found positive results.

One study surveyed 32 anxious adults who used a weighted blanket as a therapeutic tool to calm down. The reports found that “63% of the patients reported lowered anxiety after use” and “78% of the patients preferred the weighted blanket as a calming modality” instead of medication and other methods.

An Australian study reported that “individuals who used the weighted blanket reported significantly greater reductions in distress and clinician-related anxiety than those who did not”.

This is good news for any adult who feels stressed out after a long day of work, which is most of us in the western world.

Most adults will need a weighted blanket that weighs between 10lbs to 20lbs, depending on their weight. We recommend that adults choose a blanket weight around 8% to 12% of their total body weight.

Research has found that weighted blankets have the most profound effects on people who are very anxious, but it may be an effective way to calm down or sleep better for the regular person who’s having difficult unwinding at the end of the day.

The science behind weighted blankets is very simple. The heavy weight of the blanket stimulates pressure on the muscles of the body, replicating a feeling of being hugged. This sensation sends a signal to the brain and causes feelings of connection, happiness, and pleasure, just like it feels when you’re hugging a loved one. In theory, a person who is stressed should feel better after wrapping himself or herself in a weighted blanket for a prolonged period of time. The blanket should also help them sleep better at night if they choose to use the weighted blanket as their blanket for sleep.

The evidence is still inconclusive to claim that weighted blankets are guaranteed to calm someone down, but we’re confident that they work for at least half of people who use them. This is why Dreamhug offers a 15 sleeps guarantee. If our weighted blanket doesn’t help you relax and get better nights sleep, we’ll issue you a refund. If you think you or a loved one can benefit from one of our weighted blankets, give us a try risk-free!

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