Weighted Blankets for Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety disorder (SAD) is a mental health problem, characterized by anxiety when the individual is away from their home or loved ones. SAD is commonly seen in young children, but can also happen with adolescents and even adults.  

It’s perfectly normal for most children to feel uncomfortable when they are away from their home or parents for a prolonged period of time. We call this homesick, and it is actually a sign of healthy cognitive development in children. People who experience SAD, however, experience severe discomfort or anxiety attacks when they’re away from their house or parents. When the individual is very disturbed, it becomes a disorder, and will likely need to be treated.

Treatment for separation anxiety disorder usually involves counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy. The sufferer will learn techniques to handle the uncomfortable feelings when they crop up, and go through exposures, purposely alienating themselves from their home or parents to feel anxious and learn how to process the feelings. With treatment, many are able to successfully manage symptoms of SAD, and even get over it completely. Medication is only used in extreme cases.

The Dreamhug™ weighted blanket can help ease the symptoms of separation anxiety disorder in you or your child. The heavy weight of the blanket around the body tricks the person’s brain to think they’re being hugged, releasing feel-good chemicals like oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Separation anxiety disorder stems from a fear of disconnection with their loved ones or familiar territory. A weighted blanket might be able to give them the “loved” feeling during times that they are anxious because they’re separated. A weighted blanket can be an effective, safe and cheap alternative to medication to treat the symptoms of SAD while the sufferer is undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy or counseling.

Dreamhug offers a 30 sleeps guarantee that allows you to try the weighted blanket for 30 days. If the weighted blanket doesn’t help calm you or your child down, we’ll issue you a refund!


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