Weighted Blankets for Stress – Can they Help you Calm Down?

In the western world, most of us adults are stressed. Our responsibilities in the 21st century are growing, and we’ve been raised in a society that has taught us to work as hard as we can, earn a good living, look attractive and have an abundant social life. The picture our society has painted for us through advertising is unattainable perfection, and we’re suffering as a consequence.

Stress is actually a normal part of life and everyone feels it from one degree to another. Stress can actually be healthy for us, serving as a signal to get our butts in gear and get things done. Healthy people allow stress to motivate them into action to take care of their responsibilities. These behaviors result in higher self-esteem and feelings of well being.

But most of us have a hard time shutting off the stress response. We get home after a long day at the office and find it hard to unwind. A Dreamhug weighted blanket can be a cheap, safe and effective way to calm ourselves down during the evening and prepare us for bedtime. How does it calm you down? Simply put, the heavy weight of the blanket simulates your body and tricks your brain into thinking your body is being hugged. This releases feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. After dinner, wrap your self in the Dreamhug weighted blanket while reading or watching TV. Within 30 minutes, you should feel relaxed enough to ease into your bedtime routine. You can also use the Dreamhug weighted blanket while you sleep!

Dreamhug offers a 30 sleeps guarantee that allows you to try the blanket risk-free. If the blanket doesn’t help you relax, we’ll issue you a refund.


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Judi February 12, 2020

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