Weighted Blankets for Kids – Everything you need to Know

For years, doctors and psychiatrists recommended weighted blankets for children who suffered from autism, Asperger's, anxiety and ADHD. Most parents didn’t know about the benefits of weighted blankets for children unless their doctor recommended the use of one.

The heavy weighted of the blanket stimulated the child’s body and tricks their brain into thinking they’re being hugged. This creates feelings of love and connection and helps calm them down so they can focus better or get to sleep easier.

Today, weighted blankets are now becoming a popular remedy for children who have trouble focusing, sitting still, and getting to sleep. These kinds of symptoms are more prevalent with boys, and with the rise in technology and other distractions; these problems are now on the rise. 

There are thousands of children who have these symptoms but might not have ADHD or autism, and get prescribed medications to help them focus in school. These medications usually have difficult side effects that make life challenging for the child. Weighted blankets are a cheap and safe alternative to medications.

If your child has ADHD, autism or Aspergers, or have any of the symptoms listed above, a weighted blanket might be a reasonable option to help them! Dreamhug™ offers a 15 sleeps guarantee, allowing your child to try the blanket for 15 days. If the blanket doesn’t help them, we’ll issue you a refund!

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