What is a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted Blankets are pretty self-explanatory. Essentially, they’re heavy blankets that feel like a hug, making you feel better.

Weighted blankets were first used by doctors in mental health hospitals. The doctors found that the blanket would help their patients calm down. If a patient was disturbed and really anxious, a nurse would wrap the individual in a blanket to help the patient relax so they would be more receptive to the doctors counseling.

Shortly after this, the autism community started using weighted blankets. The blankets were found to be particularly effective for those who had Asperger’s or Autism. People who suffer from these disorders tend to withdraw from human affection, so when they would get agitated, parents would use weighted blankets as an alternative solution to make the child feel loved through the hugging sensation that the blanket would illicit.

Recent studies have found that weighted blankets can calm people down when they’re anxious. One study discovered that “63% of patients reported lowered anxiety after use”. This is awesome news for the general public.

Today, if someone complains to their general practitioner that they’re stressed out and anxious, the doctor will likely prescribe them an anti-depressant. These medications can be effective and life-saving for people; however, most people are directed to take these medications when they don’t need them. A weighted blanket can be a cheap and safe alternative for those who are stressed out, and not suffering from a diagnosed mental health disorder.

What is a weighted blanket

Why does a weighted blanket calm you down? Well, when you wrap yourself in a weighted blanket, the stimulation of the blanket makes you feel like you’re being hugged. When we’re hugging someone, happy chemicals are released in our body. Serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin promote feelings of pleasure, happiness and connection, which combat the adrenaline and cortisol that have been released from being stressed out and anxious.

If you’ve decided to purchase a weighted blanket, you will need to make sure that you have chosen the correct weight. We recommend that you choose a blanket weight that amounts to 8% to 12% of your total body weight. So if you were a 130lb female, a 10lb to 15lb blanket would be recommended for you. If you were a 200lb male, a 15lb to 20lb blanket would be recommended for you.

If you’re curious to see the calming benefits of a weighted blanket, Dreamhug™ offers a 30 sleeps guarantee that allows you to try the blanket for 30 days. If you don’t notice any benefits from the Dreamhug blanket, we’ll issue you a refund! No questions asked.



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Suzanne Vachon February 12, 2020

I’d really like to try one of these for my anxiety and insomnia!

Bonni Hodder February 12, 2020

I am SO HAPPY I purchased this blanket.

I have struggled with anxiety all my life. My dog also happens to suffer from anxiety during fireworks and thunderstorms and he has benefited tremendously from the Thundershirt. (For those of you who don’t know, a thunder shirt is a snug fitting shirt for a dog that targets various pressure points and creates a sensation similar to swaddling a baby creating a sense of calm in the dog). I always wished they had something as miraculous as the thundershirt that would work for humans so you can imagine my excitement when I heard about this blanket.

I received this blanket two weeks ago and it has been a God-send. I use it when I am meditating or just feeling like I’m anxious and need a hug. It really does work! Something about the weight and pressure of the blanket calms me down and makes me feel consoled. Plus, I love the way it looks in my living room.

I strongly recommend purchasing this blanket.

Kristen February 12, 2020

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