Sleep is essential for your health and overall well-being -- it’s just as vital as eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. There are plenty of health benefits to enjoy when you get enough sleep under a king weighted blanket in Canada.


As the name suggests, weighted blankets are different from regular blankets — mainly because they use weight to create pressure. This involves utilizing glass, plastic or similar materials to add density to your blanket. While this might make them less easy to carry around, it is far more enjoyable to use.

That extra heft is usually sandwiched between layers of cosy material, to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable tactile experience when you purchase a weighted blanket of your own. Each blanket is designed to weigh between 8-12% of your body mass for optimal comfort.

At DreamHug™, we take things a step further with engineer-determined pressure used within the blanket to achieve the desired results. Combined with our incredibly soft outer fabric shell created from a unique and proprietary DreamHug™ blend, our products are unparalleled when it comes to that all-important coziness factor.

We combine fleece and cotton, along with our weighted interior, to create a world-class weighted blanket that's sure to be your new favourite bedtime buddy. Specifically, we use high-density glass beads as a weighted filling — a non-toxic and luxurious solution to ensure the best possible night's sleep.

Even better, you can throw it in the washer and dryer as needed. It's also 100% safe around both pets and children, making it ideal for the family home.